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IT jobs is a platform for IT Professionals linking  IT Consultants, Vendors and Clients together in one efficient management system.  ITposlovi is the solution to connect stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of IT purchasing.
We work with our IT clients to post their job and/or project requirements. Once the job and/or project is posted, respective consultants or vendors get notified to to submit resources and proposals. We vet the submittals and provide a shortlist of the right resources to you. The selected resources would have access to your job and/or project workroom to manage the selection process. The whole process is stored for future reference and creates the profile of consultants for next job. This helps our clients to re-hire the same resource without initiating the process from scratch.IT vendors would have flexibility to manage their multiple clients and resources at one place. The state of art workroom provides them functionality to engage with their clients and resources together. While they manage the one client, they can find more clients here and offer their services.
We work with a range of corporate IT software solutions including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Workday, etc.  Our clients post jobs related to enterprise software solutions or other IT needs like Project Manager, Business Analyst, QA Tester, etc.
When an IT client or vendor recruits a consultant, it unlocks the Workroom functionality which includes: viewing project details; maintaining Weekly Task List; staying on-track deadlines; chat, payments, documents, and job status; Each Workroom is specific to each transaction.
Consultants who consistently exceed expectations are individually displayed by ITposlovi as Featured Consultants. To become a Featured Consultant, one must have a complete profile, respond to multiple projects, receive excellent reviews, and keep your profile up to date.
Space is available to add attachements if you choose to include a picture to enhance your profile.
IT jobs helps our consultants and vendors maintain their project details and broadcast their availability. Frequently visiting your profile and updating it periodically brings you to the top of the search results. Also, the feedback from our clients is logged into your profile which highlights you to future clients.
LinkedIn has become an online identifier of professionals, for both employer and employee. Associating your LinkedIn profile with your ITposlovi account helps enhances your online credibility, free from spammers.
IT jobs is a niche platform built by IT experts, dedicated to pooling the best IT talents and projects posted online. Join early, bid well, and you may soon get acquainted with some of the highest paying IT clients. We offer a network of premier applicants by providing detailed candidate profiles and aligning their LinkedIn URLs.
IT jobs helps you become an independent consultant with our direct clients. You control your client, location, rate, and hours of work. ITposlovi provides you with all the tools needed to manage your work, timesheets, invoices and payments.